Online TEFL / TESOL Course Accreditation

TEFL Training College Accreditation

The TEFL Training College provides Internationally Recognised and Accepted online TEFL / TESOL courses in English Language Teaching.

Seal OfficialThe TEFL Training College is accredited by an independent body -the International TEFL Accreditation Council (ITEFLAC). To view our certificate of accreditation, – click here. Our accreditation assures that our online TEFL/TESOL courses, policies and procedures adhere to generally accepted international standards of quality. The TEFL Training College has agreed to comply with ITEFLAC's Standards and Code of Professional Practice. We encourage/advise all potential students who are intent on taking up an English teaching position in a foreign country, to check that the TEFL / TESOL course they are considering will meet the requirements of the employer/country where they are hoping to work.

Recognition and acceptance of online TEFL / TESOL courses is demonstrated by the willingness of employers and language schools to accept such courses and the good reputation of the TEFL / TESOL organisation. The TEFL Training College is a dynamic and evolving organisation that is continually changing in order to cater to new developments in the academic, business and professional quarters.

The TEFL Training College belongs to numerous TEFL / TESOL organisations and institutions, ensuring that we keep abreast of changes and trends in the TEFL / TESOL industry.

Our highly experienced and qualified tutors are readily available to assist all students and answer all queries thereby ensuring a seamless learning experience.