Certificate of Educational Studies in TESOL (150 hrs.)

Course Content

The Certificate of Educational Studies in TESOL is a 150 hour course comprising of a total of eight Modules. Each module is divided into relevant and up-to-date TEFL / TESOL units. This online TEFL / TESOL course is structured in such a way as to offer the student a flexible mode of study where one can choose to study at one’s own pace. View the study modules below:

• What is TESOL?
• Associations and organizations
• Professional Development, Employment and Career opportunities
• Motivation, Goals and Timetables
• Your study environment and your health
• Active Learning
• How to Research, Write and Present Essays
• Your future is in your hands

• The Language Systems
• Phonetics and phonology
• Vocabulary (Lexis)
• Grammar (Syntax)

• The English Language
• Approaches to Teaching Methodology
• Receptive Skills (Reading and Listening)
• Productive Skills (Writing and Speaking)

• Lesson planning and use of teaching resources and materials
• Classroom Management, Options and Techniques
• Activities for the Classroom

• The Nuts & Bolts of English
• English Tense Forms
• English Tense Functions
• Vocabulary and Phonology

• The motivation of young learners
• Activities and games for the Young Learner
• Initial English lessons
• Creating and adapting your materials and lesson ideas
• Teaching methodology

• Analysing and recognizing the needs of your business students
• Organising effective communication in a business classroom
• Teaching business vocabulary
• Taking into account the cultural differences of your students
• Planning a business lesson

• Advantages of one-to-one learning
• Discovering your student’s needs
• Problems and possible solutions of one-to-one teaching
• Creating and adapting your materials and lesson ideas
• Lesson resources

Course Assessment

Assessment for the Certificate of Educational Studies in TESOL comprises of eight assignments – one assignment submitted after covering all course materials in each module. The overall pass grade/mark is 50% for this online TEFL / TESOL course. Click here to read further regarding online TEFL / TESOL course delivery.