Master Diploma of Educational Studies in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages M.Dip (ES) TESOL (300 hrs.)

Course Aims and Objectives

In many ways an online TEFL course is actually more effective than a full-time course. Not only is the online course longer but it also takes a more theoretical approach to teacher training that will benefit you throughout your career. It will give you a solid foundation to build upon, adding experience and further qualifications if and when you desire.

Every module will take you through a different aspect of teaching abroad, giving you all the time you need to take the information in. While the full-time course devotes a significant portion of its study time to planning and giving lessons, the online course ensures that you fully understand TEFL methodology so that when you take up your first teaching position you can apply it in the classroom.

You may find that your first days of actual teaching are challenging but the rewards of an Online course extend far beyond simply preparing you for the first week. Indeed, the in-depth content of the online course is something you will come back to again and again. Your thorough understanding of TEFL theory and methodology will be invaluable as you progress through your career and will enable you to quickly develop and excel within your new role.

What’s more, the Online TEFL course will enable you to better understand the needs of your class and to assess individual members more effectively to ensure that they are receiving the help that they need. The most prominent debate surrounding online TEFL courses is the complete absence of practical teaching experience. The course Video Clips will certainly help and what’s more, if you’re planning to work abroad for more than a year, your online course will be perfectly complimented by the practical teaching experience you will receive.

For the Master Diploma programme as a whole, the overall aim is to provide an advanced distance training course in the theory, methodology and Management of teaching English to speakers of other languages. It is aimed at those dedicated to a career in English language Teaching. With the TTC Online Learning course, you can enroll and begin the programme at anytime during the academic year –whenever it suits you! This course aims to provide students with new insights into language teaching, providing a deeper understanding of the principles and practice of English language teaching to foreign young learners and adults. The focus of the course is on both practical and theoretical aspects of English Language Teaching and will prepare the prospective teacher for an exciting and rewarding career in many different locations around the globe!

The general objectives of the course require each student to be able to:

• demonstrate a thorough grasp of the main phonological, lexical, syntactical and other aspects of modern communicative English, with particular reference to its roles as a means of communication.

• predict with reasonable accuracy the learning needs of any group of ESOL, ESL, or ESP learners and to modify and update such a needs analysis in the light of observation and testing.

• write instructional objectives and prepare appropriate lesson plans.

• teach English effectively at any level from beginners to advanced.

• discuss intelligently an extensive repertoire of lesson forms.

• monitor his or her own effectiveness as a teacher of English to Speakers of other languages.

• manage other teachers, timetabling, course development, assessment, testing,   recruitment, policies and procedures, development plans

There will be 14 regular assignments and 2 extended essays, but no formal examinations. These will make up for the total assessment mark and are to be completed once the course readings or relevant research has been completed. The overall pass mark for the Master Diploma Course is 60%.