Diploma of Educational Management Studies in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Dip.(EMS) TESOL (200 hrs.)

Course Content

There are seven (7) Modules in the Diploma Course. Each module may be completed in two weeks. This period may be extended (up to 6 months) offering you flexibility and allowing you to work at your own pace. We at the TEFL Training College understand that life’s commitments may not always make it possible to follow a rigid schedule of study.

• What is TESOL?
• Associations and organizations
• Professional Development, Employment and Career opportunities
• Motivation, Goals and Timetables
• Your study environment and your health
• Active Learning
• How to Research, Write and Present Essays
• Your future is in your hands

• The Language Systems
• Phonetics and phonology
• Vocabulary (Lexis)
• Grammar (Syntax)

• The English Language
• Approaches to Teaching Methodology
• Receptive Skills (Reading and Listening)
• Productive Skills (Writing and Speaking)

• Lesson planning and use of teaching resources and materials
• Classroom Management, Options and Techniques
• Activities for the Classroom

• Assessment and testing
• Technology in the classroom
• Marking Schemes
• English for specific purposes

• Describing Teachers
• Further Teacher Learning
• Observation as a Learning Tool
• Evaluating Your Teaching

• The ESL Manager
• An Overview of the ESL Programme
• Philosophy, Aims and Objectives
• Development Plans and Target Setting
• ESL Policies and Procedures
• Recruiting ESL Teachers
• Business Practices in Language Schools