Online TEFL / TESOL Course Delivery

How does Online TEFL work?

All TEFL / TESOL courses at the TEFL Training College are offered via online learning. Following your registration for one of our online TEFL / TESOL courses, you will receive three (3) emails to the email address you provided upon registration. The three emails you will receive are:

  • 'Welcome' email: providing your username and password in order to access your online study guide and course materials. To login to your student access area, click here. In your student access area, you will not only be able to access your TEFL / TESOL course materials, but you will be able to view your tutor’s contact details, notice board and online learning community. Furthermore, you will be able to download a large collection of free TEFL / TESOL resources, lesson plans and view the online library.
  • 'Tutor Introduction' email: welcoming you inviting you to contact him/her should you require any information, clarification or for a general chat.
  • 'Letter of Enrolment' email: with attached signed letter confirming that you are enrolled on a TEFL / TESOL course at the TEFL Training College. This letter may be useful if you wish to start applying for English teaching jobs abroad while still studying towards your TEFL / TESOL certification. Employers will, in most cases, consider your application if you can furnish proof that you are currently in the process of completing your TEFL / TESOL course.

Your study guide will consist of a number of TEFL / TESOL modules. Each module will have some course readings, some will have videos and audio tutorials and each will have an assignment. Once you have completed all the readings, videos and audio tutorials you can attempt the TEFL / TESOL assignment. The assignment is to be uploaded (pdf / Word) from you student access area. Your assignment will then be assessed by your tutor and your will be sent an assignment feedback form via email. You can access all your module assignment grades from your student access area.

The TEFL Training College provides technologically superior interactive online TEFL / TESOL training. With an assigned personal tutor, you are guaranteed to have access to assistance and advice for the entire duration of your studies with us.