TEFL / TESOL Questions

Frequently Asked TEFL / TESOL Questions

All our online TEFL / TESOL courses will give you a passport to teach English abroad. The industry standard of a 120 hour TEFL / TESOL course is what employers will require. Our online TEFL / TESOL courses far exceed the minimum requirement. Choosing which of our courses to do will depend on your budget constraints and how much time you have to study.

All our online TEFL / TESOL courses are modular. This means that you can complete the online TEFL / TESOL Certificate course and then later upgrade to the TEFL / TESOL Master Diploma course. All the modules that you have already completed in the Certificate course, will be transferred to the Master Diploma course.

You do not need a degree to register for one of our online TEFL / TESOL courses although recommended. Many countries now require that applicants have a Bachelor’s degree and a TEFL / TESOL qualification in order to be considered for employment. These requirements are more than often implemented by governments / immigration authorities as a prerequisite for being issued with a work permit/visa.

All online TEFL / TESOL courses are internationally recognised and accepted. Click here for further information regarding the accreditation of our online TEFL / TESOL course.

Yes you will need a TEFL / TESOL course to teach English abroad. Not only will a TEFL / TESOL course equip you with the necessary skills to teach the English language, but almost all employers/schools will require you to have completed a TEFL / TESOL course.

It is very important that you do your research when looking for English teaching jobs abroad. Many jobs will advertise that applicants be native English speakers (i.e. passport holders of US, Canada, Ireland, UK, Australia and New Zealand). There are however employers that will now happily accept non-native English speakers and this trend is gaining traction.

There are literally thousands of TEFL / TESOL jobs advertised around the world. Armed with a degree and an online TEFL / TESOL certificate, the world is your oyster. It is important to note that English speaking countries will in almost all cases only accept applicants/citizens from their own countries – so finding jobs in these countries (if you are not a citizen) is near impossible. Also, to teach in the European Union, you must be a EU citizen.

There are different requirements for teaching English in public / international schools. Click here to read our section on ‘Requirements for different Schools’.

The TEFL Training College will assist you in finding TEFL / TESOL employment. We have a large source of information on our Employment pages. We also provide access to a job board, information on writing a resume / cover letter and personal tutors who will guide you.

The wonderful thing about studying towards an online TEFL / TESOL course, is that there are no specific course start dates. You can register whenever you want and can start studying immediately. Our online TEFL / TESOL courses are structured as to be flexible – allowing you to work at your own pace.