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The TEFL Training College has partnered with teflsolutions.com where you can apply for English teaching jobs advertised by both agents and employers from around the world.

At teflsolutions.com you will also be able to upload your Resume/C.V. for agents and employers to peruse. Furthermore, you can receive job alerts.

You are responsible for negotiating the exact terms of your contract. Visa and work permits are usually organized by the employer and they will request all the required documentation to be sent to them. *Under no circumstances should you pay agents to secure you an English teaching job, as agents are paid directly by the schools/employers. We at the TEFL Training College do not enter into any discussions and disputes regarding employment contracts and the specifics thereof.

Most vacancies will become available just before the start of the new academic year so make sure to check when your destination starts its new year as this can vary. There are also vacancies which open throughout the year, so start looking for work now and soon you’ll begin to get a good idea of what is available.

It is important to refer to the section on our website - Before accepting a teaching position.