Preliminary Certificate of Educational Studies in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Pre-Cert.(ES) TESOL (100 hrs.)

Course Content

There are three (3) Modules in the Preliminary Certificate programme. Each module may be completed in two weeks. This period may be extended (up to 6 months) offering you flexibility and allowing you to work at your own pace. We at the TEFL Training College understand that life’s commitments may not always make it possible to follow a rigid schedule of study.  

• What is TESOL?
• Associations and organizations
• Professional Development, Employment and Career opportunities
• Motivation, Goals and Timetables
• Your study environment and your health
• Active Learning
• Your future is in your hands

• The Language Systems
• Introduction to phonetics and phonology
• Vocabulary (Lexis)
• Grammar (Syntax) 

• The English Language
• Approaches to Teaching Methodology
• Receptive Skills (Reading and Listening)
• Productive Skills (Writing and Speaking)
• Teaching Techniques
• Introduction to Lesson planning