Teaching Practice Certificate (20 hrs.)

TEFL Teaching Practice

Practicum Description

Online TEFL / TESOL courses do not generally include a Teaching Practicum. The TEFL Training College however offers students the option of arranging their own practicum which will be evaluated by a tutor and a separate certificate issued to this effect. The Teaching Practice Certificate 20 hrs is not a requirement and students will have one year to complete this component.

You can arrange your own venue for your Teaching Practice or you can complete your Teaching Practice whilst in your first/current job. Your Teaching Practice should comprise of a minimum total of 20 hours - comprising of:

  • 6 hours teaching
  • 4 hours of teaching observation
  • 4 hours of classroom assistance

Once you have organized your Teaching Practice venue, you can download 3 documents from your Teaching Practice study guide – namely:

Time log form – confirming that you have in fact completed your minimum total of 20 hours or Teaching Practice.

Self-evaluation form – highlighting your strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement.

Lesson Plan – used during your 6 hours of teaching.


The completed documentation must be signed by a representative of the school where you completed your Teaching Practice. These forms must then be submitted via your student access area to be assessed by your tutor. If your tutor is satisfied that these forms have been completed to a satisfactory standard, you will receive the Teaching Practice Certificate – Click here to view a sample TP Certificate.