Teaching Practice Certificate  (20 hrs.)

How the Teaching Practice Certificate works

Once you have completed your TESOL / TEFL course, you may begin with the Teaching Practice Certificate -- on-site / on-the-job teaching practice. The idea behind the Teaching Practice Certificate is to provide you with a separate Certificate of Teaching Practice while you gain valuable on-the-job work experience. There will be two options available for your teaching practice:

- Option 1: You may organize your own Teaching Practice by contacting various organizations such as language schools, local government, universities and colleges with ESL departments, community centres and faith-based groups in your local area or country. All you have to do is complete the relevant documentation and send these documents to your tutor for assessment – see the section entitled ‘Your TP Programme’ below.

- Option 2: Once you have completed your TEFL / TESOL Course and have found your own job / employment abroad -- you may complete the Teaching Practice whilst teaching classes with your new employer. All you have to do is complete the relevant documentation and send these documents to your tutor for assessment – see the section entitled ‘Your TP Programme’ below.

* It is important to note that the fee for the Teaching Practice Certificate covers the assessment of your TP documents and the issuance of your TP Certificate. All details regarding your Teaching Practice (visas, job details, accommodation, travel, job contract etc…) must be discussed directly with your employer. The TEFL Training College does not enter into employment negotiations. We strongly advise that you fully research potential employers before accepting a job offer. 

Your TP Programme

Your TP Programme should consist of a minimum of 20 hours class time. Upon registration, you will log into your Student Access Area where you will find the TP Guide with the 3 TP forms that need to be downloaded and completed – and then uploaded for review by your tutor (on completion of 20 hours of teaching practice). The documentation is not onerous and should be completed by you and signed by your employer to verify your participation. The following forms need to be submitted on completion of your TP:

Time log form – confirming your completion of 20 hours in-class time. 6 hours must be you leading a class teaching English. The remaining hours can consist of being a class assistant or observing a class (minimum of 2 students). Please note that home tutoring cannot be accepted as it is vital for the integrity of the programme that your TP experience is verifiable by a third party.

Self-evaluation form – submit a self-evaluation form highlighting your strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement.

Lesson Plan – submit a copy of a lesson plan you used during your Teaching Practice.

Assessment / Evaluation of the TP Programme
Once you have uploaded the necessary documentation from your Student Access Area, your tutor will check that this has been completed to a satisfactory standard and will send you the TP Certificate – Click here to view a sample TP Certificate.